Limbaugh Predicts Obama Will Extend His Vacation Another Week Using Three Days In Washington As An Excuse

RUSH: Oh, try this.  People have been asking, “Why did he come back? Why did he come back to Washington from the Vineyard just for three days?  What’s the point?  Just to meet Biden?  Why couldn’t they have had Biden go to the Vineyard?”

Nobody in the Vineyard wants Biden there. 

“Oh.  Well, he’s gotta meet with people in Iraq and so forth?”

He could do that over in the Vineyard. 

Try this.  By returning to Washington for three days, the guy buys another, an additional week of vacation. So this two-weeker becomes three.  He was originally scheduled to return to Washington at the end of this week, and that would put him in Washington, well, over Labor Day or whatever. Nobody’s in Washington over Labor Day. So what do you bet…?  Let’s just see if I’ll be right.

What do you bet that Obama extends the family vacation another week for total of three, using this three-day break in Washington as an excuse or justification or whatever for, “Hey, he came back to work, so he’s is gonna be gone an additional week just to make up for the time he lost”?  Anyway, we’ll see if that happens.

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