Limbaugh: Pew Poll. Democrats. Suicide Watch.

RUSH: Pew poll. Democrats. Suicide watch. Something about this poll, because I just want to be complete in reporting it to you. There is a plus-five Republican sample in this poll. It’s one of the first polls that samples more Republicans. They don’t list the sampling, though. You have to discover the sampling by dividing the number of respondents. So it’s confusing.

Everybody seems to be coming up with different numbers. But the consensus… (ahem) The “consensus,” as in the global warming consensus… The consensus among political scientists is that they oversampled Republicans by 5%. Now, the Pew people are saying (paraphrased), “Wait, wait, wait a minute! We’re not oversampling anybody. This is just how people are identifying themselves in our sample,” which is a new one on me.

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