LIMBAUGH: Personal Assaults On Trump In The MSM Is NEVERENDING

EDITORS NOTE: This Is 2 Segments Combined For Your Convenience

RUSH: Like I say, it doesn’t matter. Turn on a TV network, go to a website and read any so-called mainstream media website, and it is never ending. The personal assaults, the policy assaults on Trump.

I can hear you out there saying, “Rush! Rush, you shouldn’t sound…” I’m not… Folks, don’t misunderstand me now. None of this opposition surprises me. I’m the one who expected this, and I’m not expecting any of this to turn into love and admiration and support for Trump. What has me concerned is not the insanity of Donald Trump. What has me concerned is the insanity of everybody else and what they might do, ’cause they’re the ones… The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the CNN, these are the people that are out of sorts. These are the people that have lost. These are the people who’ve had their world crumble.

These are the people who’ve lost whatever claim to power they thought they had.

These are the people, to me, who are dangerous.


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