LIMBAUGH: People In The USA Today Live Better Than People Ever Have

RUSH: People in the United States of America today, even after eight years of Barack Hussein O, people in the United States of America today live better than people ever have. The poor in this country would be considered affluent in most poor and poverty ravaged regions of this world.

The poor in this country have a car, air-conditioning, a TV and cell phone. Many of them don’t even have to work because the welfare state provides so much. The standard of living, the quality of life in the United States of America is better, the people who live here live better than people ever have, and it’s one of the reasons why so many of us get literally mad when we listen to the complaints about life in America and what it’s like, because there’s no other place like this country for providing not just opportunity and not just quality.

The United States of America provides the freedom, I should say permits, allows, does not constrain the freedom that we’re all born with that allows each of us to pursue whatever it is that we define as a quality of life. Access to quality-of-life services, access to quality-of-life products is unparalleled in the United States of America.

Most societies — this is what American exceptionalism really is when you get right down to it. Most people in most countries don’t have anything approaching — I’m talking about — there are always gonna be wealthy and rich people in every country you go to. I’m not talking about them. I’m not talking about disparity. I’m talking about the population at large, there is no country on earth where the population at large lives anywhere nearly as well as the population of the United States.

Most countries feature societies of populations of people that just barely get by. Socialism, leftism, liberalism not only doesn’t respect the unique abilities of free people; it attempts to quash them and to eliminate them. Because it’s unfair not only to have more than somebody else, it’s unfair to be better than anybody else at whatever you do. That’s not fair. So we define everything down to the lowest common denominator. We take the people at the top, bring ’em down to people at the bottom and say that’s equality. We punish achievement if liberalism and leftism rules the day. But capitalism is where the respect for unique abilities and freedom resides.


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