Limbaugh: Over $5 Trillion Spent And Obama Grades Himself ‘Incomplete’

RUSH: People want leaders. Most people are not self starters. Most people like being inspired. That’s what leaders do. Obama is not a leader. And I’m going to tell you, an “incomplete” grade, is this how we choose leaders? Five trillion dollars spent. Over five trillion dollars spent and his grade is “incomplete”? We nationalize healthcare and his grade is “incomplete”? We have a one trillion dollar stimulus and his grade is “incomplete”? We have corporate cronyism all over the place in the so-called green energy sector, led by Solyndra, but there are countless other examples, and the grade is “incomplete.” We have a takeover, a nationalization of General Motors and Chrysler. And then the majority of the company of General Motors given to the United Auto Workers. Incomplete?

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