Limbaugh on SOTU: A Campaign Speech Without An Election

RUSH:  Look at this.  They’re standing up and they’re applauding this.  Standing ovation on the Democrat side.  But then why do we need to do anything to expand opportunity for more American families, because if you listen to this speech last night, there’s nothing else to be done.  We’ve restored that.  There is endless opportunity for American families, except the ones living paycheck to paycheck. And there’s endless opportunity for people to go out and find careers and jobs, except for the people that can only find a gig for 29 hours a week. And there’s so much burgeoning, we’re gonna have a summit here on tuitions.  We’re gonna make sure everybody gets to go to college except for those who are indebted for the rest of their lives to student loans and degrees for which there’s no work. 

I just thought it was rank amateur.  I think this is such a letdown.  I don’t know how to describe it, folks.  It’s disappointing.  Bragging about a recovery which is the worst one since the Great Depression. 

Why are 92 million people on the sidelines? Why are there 20 million more Americans on food stamps than when he was inaugurated?  Why do we need endless emergency unemployment extensions?  The answer is because he has been president since 2009.  That’s why.  Why are so many Americans losing their health insurance?  Why are so many Americans now unable to afford health insurance after the implementation of Obamacare? 

Because he has been president since 2009. 

You know what this was?  This was a campaign speech without an election.  It was pure denial.  The president last night was pretending to run for office in the hopes of winning an election, so at some point in the future he can govern.  The whole night I kept saying, “Wait a minute. We’re five years into this. This speech is a speech that should have been given five years ago.”  This speech should have been given five years ago. 

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