Limbaugh On Sandra Fluke: “Even When I Screw Up I Get It Right”

RUSH: Now, you all may remember this. There was a controversy about a year and a half ago, some guy got in real big trouble. There was a woman out there that was made to look like she was testifying before a congressional committee. She wasn’t. It was a press, sort of a PR deal with members of Congress made to look like they were conducting hearings. There was this student, this 35-year-old student from Georgetown, who was complaining that, for as often as she had sex, birth control pills were costing her like, what was it, $3,000 a month or some such thing, and she wanted relief from this. She wanted the Regime, she wanted Obamacare to pay for her contraception. She wanted Obamacare to pay for her birth control pills.

There was some guy that reacted to this, trying to have fun with it by characterizing the kind of a behavior that the woman might have been engaged in, such as promiscuity. It turns out the guy used a word he didn’t mean to use. He meant to use promiscuity, and it caused a lot of people to freak out. This was about a year and a half ago, but, lo and behold, folks, even when I screw up I get it right, because that’s exactly what happened. I’m gonna show you now, I’m gonna turn on the Dittocam. Somebody sent me this yesterday and I thought, “This is a joke.”

I thought this was an Onion satire-type joke, and I was prepared not to use this. Then I found out there’s 10 or 12 different ads for every kind behavior that is, well, basically irresponsible. They’re promoting this. These ads are promoting this irresponsible behavior and assuring you that you’ll be okay if you engage in this irresponsible behavior if you get insurance. The ads are designed to convince young people, Millennials, to go sign up for Obamacare.

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