Limbaugh On ObamaCare Delay: This Is A ‘Red Letter Day’ For Businesses

RUSH:  And the important point is that there is no penalty now for dumping insurance plans, companies, so they can just dump ’em, can just off-load ’em.  Folks, this is a red letter day for businesses.  I mean, for 25 years I have been listening to businessmen complain, whine, moan that they’re not CEOs of their companies. They’ve had to become health care experts.  That their job, so much time at their job is devoted to making sure their employees have health care, that it’s affordable, the best policy.  They hate it.  One of the interim CEOs at General Motors said he got into the car business ’cause he loved cars.  He didn’t get into the car business because he loves health care, but he had become a health care administrator. 

So I’m just telling you there are business after business after business after business who have hated what has happened to this.  It’s an employee benefit that has become an albatross.  Well, here’s a chance to get rid of it without a penalty, folks.  And so Trippi (imitation), “Yeah, I really wonder what’s gonna happen here now. These companies off-load, I wonder, you know, it’s an important point, how the administration’s gonna answer that.”  You still have your mandate to buy and have insurance.

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