Limbaugh On Jay Carney Blaming Bush For F&F: “Every Line Of That Is Bogus”

RUSH:  They’re falling apart up there.  Every line of that is bogus.  Every line of that is bogus.  Not every line, but elements of every line are bogus.  But Mr. Carney, I would simply say that if you want to stand by what you said, why is there executive privilege?  Why not just release these documents that show it’s Bush’s faault?  If your guy stopped it, if you stopped Fast and Furious, you might want to call Brian Terry’s family and tell ’em that you stopped it, the dead border patroller.  Call ’em up.  Holder called ’em after he’d being shamed into doing it.  But you call ’em, Jay, you call ’em and you tell ’em that Fast and Furious was brought to a screeching halt by this administration.

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