Limbaugh on Democrats: They’re Going To Pay For This

RUSH: Now, the cut-and-dried, dispassionate way of telling you that, it sounds desperate, it sounds horrible, what are we gonna do?  Especially when we have a party that’s unwilling to fight back.  We have a party that seems more interested in wiping out its own base than taking out their real enemy.  But I still think — and it’s not blind faith.  It’s actually faith in the majority of people in the country.  I still have that.  I know we’re plagued by a bunch of ignorant low-information people that the Democrat Party have created and continue to cultivate.  I understand all that and I know the media is what it is.  I know all that. I just have — call it naivete — I have this sense that justice happens at some point.  It all evens out.

They’re going to pay for this, and I don’t know how, and it may not even be in my lifetime, but they’re not going to get away with this.  They are the majority, they changed the rules whenever they want?  There aren’t any rules.  That can’t go on.  I mean, the country can’t survive as it is.  The Senate cannot function. When there are no rules whenever whatever Barack Obama and Harry Reid want ’em to be day to day.  You look at public opinion, Democrats are not overwhelmingly popular.  This country’s not in love with these people.  Obamacare’s hated.  Obamacare’s despised.  Obama himself, the bloom is off that rose.

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