Limbaugh On Democrat Hypocrisy On Family: ‘It’s Enough To Make You Gag’

RUSH: Traditional marriage is something that we are supposed to think is old-fashioned and unachievable anymore.  And when you break up a marriage, when you have policies responsible for destroying the nuclear family, what are you doing?  You’re creating dependency on government.  And all the while, the Democrats are out telling women this is gonna make ’em independent.  “You don’t need a man.  You don’t need a relationship.  You don’t need a slug around you, some predator who is gonna beat up your children.  You need to be independent of all that.” 

All it does is turn ’em dependent on the government. 

It really is hideous what these people have done, ever since the Great Society and the War on Poverty.

And now we get a picture of the average Democrat media couple’s life and how beautiful a thing it is, how warm and wonderful a family is.  I’ll tell you, it’s enough to make you gag, the hypocrisy alone. The idea that there are two sets of rules, and they — they — can have wives that are flexible and stay home (and don’t send the kids to daycare and work when they want to work and don’t worry about how much more the husband makes than the wife), but you can’t.

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