Limbaugh On Bob Costas Gun Control Controversy: “I Blame The Microphone”

RUSH: I don’t blame Bob Costas.  I blame the microphone.  I blame the microphone.  If that microphone hadn’t been on, nobody would know what Costas said.  If you stop and think about it, it’s the microphone’s fault.  Costas, he’s up there, he’s in the broadcast booth at halftime.  I’ve been in that booth.  I have had several visits to the NBC Sunday night telecast.  And Bob comes in at halftime and he does the halftime show from the booth about ten feet to the left of where Al Michaels and Collinsworth are.  In fact, where Costas… maybe I shouldn’t say this.  Ah, I’ve already blown it. I’ll never be invited back.

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