Limbaugh On Ashley Judd Leaked Tape: “It’s Called Campaigning”

RUSH: Now, keep in mind we wouldn’t know what McConnell and his staff were talking about if they hadn’t been bugged, and if Mother Jones hadn’t printed it. So who smeared who here? McConnell’s staff didn’t use any of this stuff. They were just talking about it. By the way, do you know what it’s called? It’s called “campaigning.” It’s called “running for office.” If you do it, what’ll happen is you’ll get a staff and then you’ll get an office, and you and your staff will get in the office and you’ll start talking. The things that you will talk about will be oriented toward you winning an election. That is called “a campaign.” That’s what was going on in the McConnell’s office. So they bugged it, they heard McConnell and his staff campaigning, and they committed the crime. McConnell and his staff are the egregious ones and they are the reprobates because they were going to “smear” Ashley Judd. There is no indication of how they were gonna use whatever they heard about Ashley Judd. There was no indication at all.

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