Limbaugh On Akin “Legitimate Rape” Controversy: I’m Hesitant To Join The Mob That Says Throw This Guy Out

RUSH: And then, as others have pointed out, on the one hand, here we have a guy in glorious ineptitude attempting to defend every conceived life.  And, by the way, God bless him for that.  On the other hand we got a political party who’s gonna have a former president actually accused of rape introduce and keynote Barack Obama.  And that’s fine.  This is why I am hesitant to join the mob that says throw this guy out.  We have a circular firing squad.  Look, folks, I’m well aware of what happened in Missouri.  I’m well aware it was an open primary, a bunch of Democrats went in there and voted for Akin. This is another question people are asking, how did the guy win? The guy won. Why do we want to throw him out?

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