Limbaugh: Obama’s Sore-Loser Excuse, That The Romney In The Debate Was A Lying Sack Of You-Know-What

RUSH: “How do you deal with somebody that’s lying to your face?” They don’t seem to notice that Romney didn’t have any trouble knocking down Obama’s lies. (chuckles) Romney had just a fine old time in that debate knocking down every lie Obama told, and yet Axelrod and the gang tell us that Obama was so flustered and so shocked at the lying Romney who showed up, he didn’t know what to do!

Romney was telling so many lies that the smartest brain in politics froze. This…? This is how they expect to persuade people? This is their sore-loser excuse, that the Romney in the debate was a lying sack of you-know-what and the real Romney is the guy they put in their ads? It’s like the 2004 election. The exit polls, those were what was real! The real votes, that’s where the fraud was.

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