Limbaugh: Obama’s Not Gonna Get Points For Looking Presidential

RUSH: There’s a reason why Obama doesn’t have any momentum. There’s a reason why the momentum’s all Romney.  There’s a reason why Obama is flailing.  He’s been a lousy president.  People wonder, “Well, what can he do here, Rush, three days, Hurricane Sandy, what can Obama do?”  He can’t do anything.

He hasn’t been able to do anything about unemployment for four years, folks. He hasn’t been able to do anything about the economy in four years. He hasn’t been able to do anything about gas prices in four years, except make it worse.  He has not been a good president, and there’s nothing that can happen in these three days that changes that.  There’s nothing that can happen here.  You want to say, “Well, he could make it look like he feels or cares.”  People know that, or think that anyway.  As for, “Well, it gives him a chance to look presidential.”  He’s supposed to.  He is the president.  He’s not gonna get points for looking presidential.  The reasons Obama’s in trouble are too deep.  They aren’t shallow.  In fact, this whole Sandy and its aftermath, you can almost portray it as a microcosm of why Obama’s in trouble.

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