Limbaugh: ObamaCare “Ought To Be One Of The Biggest Embarrassments In This Nation’s History”

Rush: Aside from the genuinely severe, tragic outcome of liberalism’s success, that’s what liberalism is: It’s a joke! It is a really damaging, harmful, painful joke, but it is an absolute joke. This is an embarrassment. It is folly. And that’s another reason why I am just beside myself when I listen to all these so-called high-IQ intellectuals debate this on the highest planes of erudition and sophistication. Nobody knows what’s in it! The more it unfolds here, the more obvious it becomes to me that this ought to be one of the biggest embarrassments in this nation’s history. This whole episode. This whole law. This whole piece of legislation. This whole effort to ram it through. Its premise, its objective. Plus it’s tragic. If it ever happens, if it ever is really is implemented it stops being a joke. It stops being an embarrassment and then it becomes shackles.

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