Limbaugh: Obama Wants Amnesty To Die In The House

RUSH: Anyway, a story by Peter Nicholas.  “President Barack Obama plans to mount a more visible effort to push through an immigration overhaul that is heading toward an uncertain fate in the Republican-controlled House, marking a risky shift from the largely hands-off approach he has employed to date.”

Now, that is a reference, unnamed, to the Limbaugh Theorem.  What the Wall Street Journal writer is really saying here is that Obama is going to risk becoming attached to an issue in order to push it.  The Limbaugh Theorem holds that Obama maintains, of course it’s somewhat slipping now, but for the longest time a high approval number.  Even though people disapprove of the way the country’s going and disapprove his agenda, Obama never was attached to any of it because he’s constantly campaigning against his own agenda, making people think he’s fighting for the same things they are, and of course that works like a charm for the low-information crowd, so the Limbaugh Theorem.  The Journal is saying here that Obama is gonna go out there, and he is going to mount a more visible effort in order to pressure House Republicans on the immigration bill. 

Now, don’t be fooled, folks.  Do not be fooled.  This is not Obama turning away from the Limbaugh Theorem.  This is just more proof of it.  One of the things that I have mentioned many times and believed is that Obama wants amnesty to die in the House so that he could use this against the Republicans as a campaign issue for the House and Senate in 2014.  And I think this could be exactly that:  Obama just announcing his midterm campaign.  With Obama getting out and pushing this, what are the odds? Nobody wants this.  Amnesty is not a majority opinion.  So here’s Obama out essentially pushing it.  He might drive up opposition to it.  And if he does, it will be by design.

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