LIMBAUGH: Obama Using ‘Checked Out To Play Golf’ As A Purposeful Strategy

RUSH: There’s a Politico story.  Again, it’s about Obama going to play golf so soon after delivering the fake speech on Jim Foley.  And here’s the telltale line.  Again, from the perspective that Obama hasn’t checked out, that this is a ruse, that this is a camouflage, Obama is simply appearing detached and checked out to lull everybody to sleep so that they’re not awake enough to see just how much he is doing, and I think, folks, you had better pay attention.  I think you better be very suspicious of this premise that Obama’s checked out and is gotten tired and is dejected and is given up and just is not interested anymore. 

When is the last — honestly, now.  Who is the last committed liberal to give up?  They never give up, right?  They never stop, and they’re never happy no matter what they get.  But, anyway, the telltale line, this Politico story, “Obama’s Long Walks Spoiled.” They’re just so sad that Obama’s not able to be who he really could be and maybe doesn’t want to be who he really could be, but there is a line here in this story that, to me, supports the theory that Obama is using this checked out to play golf thing as a purposeful strategy, and it is this. 

The White House is not apologetic.  The White House is not trying to make any excuses.  And here’s the line:  “The White House has been unapologetic about Obama’s Foley-to-golf pivot.” If this really were Obama checking out, if the people around Obama in the White House, the chief of staff, the press secretary, the Valerie Jarretts of the world, who’s really, I think, the mover and shaker while Obama appears checked out. I mean, while Obama’s on the golf course, somebody’s moving this agenda leftward, and it’s Valerie Jarrett, I think.

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