LIMBAUGH: Obama ‘Stone-Cold Lying’ On ObamaCare

RUSH: This goes beyond deceit, and all of it in the name of gamesmanship. All of it in the name of achieving political power over the Republicans and conservatives. And, again, without regard to consequence. Will there be lapses in health care coverage for people? Will some Americans be forced into bankruptcy? Will some be paying fines or go to jail? Will health insurance be contracted at all? Will the American taxpayer foot the bill for the destruction of the health insurance industry that started when the first dollar was spent on this quicksand website? There has been stone-cold lying about readiness. Nobody — I don’t care who they are — nobody is this stupid.

Kathleen Sebelius is a former governor. She has been the Health and Human Services secretary for over five years. Obama kept her for his second term. He has praised her often. She is an absolute disaster. There has been — and I mean this — stone-cold lying about every aspect of this; about what it’s gonna cost people; about how available it is going to be for people; about being able to keep your plan if you like it; about being able to keep your doctor if you like him or her; about having no interruption; about having your premiums reduced $2,500. The level of lying willfully, knowingly lying, and now the best they can do is to say, “Well, Obama was so busy with the shutdown, he didn’t know.” Well, that’s some president. That’s some CEO. That’s some chief executive. That’s some messiah.

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