Limbaugh: Obama People Bigger Sore Losers Than Al Gore Was In 2000

RUSH: I have only been following politics pretty closely for probably 45 years. And maybe I’ve missed it, but has any candidate for president who lost a debate ever attacked his opponent like Obama and his flacks are doing now? Has any previous candidate ever called their opponent a liar or an actor? I mean, they said Reagan was a B actor, but after any of the Reagan-Carter debates, did Jimmy Carter go out there, “Well, he’s just an actor, you can’t listen to what he says.” It is unreal. These guys are the biggest, sorest losers I have seen.

The Obama people are showing themselves to be bigger sore losers than Algore was in 2000, and all they’ve lost is one debate. I can’t wait to see how they act when they lose the election. That’s gonna be fascinating to watch.

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