LIMBAUGH: Obama ‘Literally In A Freefall’

RUSH: This is from National Journal.  These are the people that do Hotline.  This is a left-wing typical mainstream media organization.  Nothing really new here except that it’s all bad news for Obama. 

Do you remember the 2012 exit polls?  I saw the first wave of exit polls at five o’clock.  You might remember I mentioned this to you.  I saw a question and the answer that made me realize Romney had lost, at five o’clock. There were actually two questions.  One of them, “Blame Bush for the economy,” was like 60-40. And the second question, the real one, was, “Understands and is concerned about people like me.”  Eighty-nine percent Obama; 11% Romney.  When I saw Bush being blamed for the economy four years after he left office and that 89-11 question, I said, “Okay this is over.”

I watched the election returns hoping that my instinct would be wrong.  Well, the polling data cited here by the National Journal, only one in four adults — this is an example of how bad it is for Obama — 25%, one in four adults say that his actions are increasing economic opportunity for people like them.  That’s among his worst showing in the polls.  So he has gone from a exit poll question in 2012, not even two years ago, where he won 89 to 11 the question “understands and cares about people like me,” to now only 25% believe that Obama and his policies are increasing economic opportunity for people like them. 

I mean, forget approval for anything, that is a huge decline in just that exit poll question to this poll.  That is huge.  But there are other bits of damaging news.  His approval rating is at 41%.  So the in midst of this, in the midst of Obama literally in a free fall, and again, you’re not seeing that reported because the media isn’t going to report it.  They’re gonna do everything they can to make that not look like it’s happening and to prop it up and make it look like something else.  But he is in free fall.  And Obamacare is an absolute, utter disaster.  So what do we get?  In the midst of — whoa, a couple more stories before I answer the “what do we get?”

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