LIMBAUGH: Obama Justifies Polygamy

RUSH:  No wonder this guy hates the suburbs.  No wonder, but that’s a side issue.  Did you hear what you just heard?  You want me to translate this for you?  ‘Cause I am perhaps the only one who can.  All right.  Listen to it again.  Here’s the answer.  Forget the question.  It’s about gender inequalities and what would the US do to help Africa get rid of ’em, and Obama basically said, “Now, wait a minute.  There are certain times, like when my dad was alive, that polygamy, gender inequality, hey, it was cool.”

OBAMA:  This is where sometimes traditions can get in the way.  As many of you know my father was from Kenya. We see this in other parts of the world.  Some of the old ways of gender relations might have made sense in a particular setting, all right?  So in Kenya, for example, in the Luo tribe, polygamy existed.  It was based on the idea that women had their own compounds, they had their own land, and so they were empowered in that area to be self-sufficient.  And then urbanization happened, suddenly the men may be traveling to the city, and suddenly there is another family in the city and the women who are left back in the villages may not be empowered.

RUSH: Wait a second, now.  Let’s just take this phrase by phrase.  ‘Cause this is not hard to diagram.  It’s not hard to translate.  It really isn’t.  “Okay.  Well, sometimes traditions get in the way.  My father was from Kenya.”  A, that means everything that follows is okay.  Dreams from My Father.  “We see in other parts of the world, some of the old ways of gender relations might have made sense.”  It was okay in a particular setting, okay?  Let’s not judge too harshly here.  “So Kenya, where my dad’s from, polygamy existed,” and then he sets out to justify it on the basis that women, because the guy had more than one wife, they had to have their own place to live.

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