RUSH:  Okay.  So the inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom is Obama is in trouble because he didn’t unite the country. He didn’t get rid of red states and blue states and that’s what he was gonna do. He didn’t bring the country together.  He’s been a polarizing president.  Yeah.  He’s been polarizing since his campaign, if anybody was paying any attention.  He was never going to unite the country, never.  That was what everybody else was hoping would happen, just like they were hoping it would be the end of racism. And just like they were hoping we would get somebody smart ’cause they thought Bush was so stupid. And just like people were hoping the rest of the world would love us because they mistakenly thought they hated us because that’s what the media said.

There was so much BS that was part of that whole campaign, and it was all a derivative of the four to five years of pounding that George W. Bush got.  Obama was simply a blank canvas alternative that voters, particularly low-information voters, could make of him whatever they wanted.  Gonna be the end of racism, check.  Gonna be the end of arguing in America, check. Gonna bring love back from foreign leaders, check.  Gonna get rid of blue states and red states, check.  Gonna give me a new kitchen, check.  Gonna by me a new car, check.  Gonna finally make other people shine my shoes for a change, check.  Whatever anybody wanted Obama to be.

He was campaigning on messianic platitudes in front of Greek columns.  It was all known and we we have all these people now acting shocked that Obama might, after all these waivers on Obamacare which didn’t seem to bother anybody, and after all the executive orders and all the other things, now that he might drop the bomb on immigration, whoa, wow, that might really divide ’em.  What do you think it is now?  The nuclear bomb has already detonated.  The nuclear bomb is Obama, not an executive order on immigration.  For crying out loud, simple as pie.

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