LIMBAUGH: Obama Is Going To FIRE Comey

RUSH: I’ve heard rumblings, addressed this on Friday.  On Friday we had the story that what’s her face, Valerie Jarrett, wanted Obama to fire Comey.  Somebody whispered into my ear before the program today that Obama is going to fire Comey.  Not before the election, which is tomorrow.  But that Comey is going to be fired.  What they’re doing is working out the logistics, such as who’s actually going to do it.

Now, Bill Clinton fired Bill Sessions.  He was the FBI director back in, I think, Clinton’s first term.  So it would be Obama.  But Obama may not be the guy to actually go out there and announce it.  But that is rumor that I don’t mind passing on because you’ve probably heard it even before I even got around to it.


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