LIMBAUGH: Obama Is Bellyaching, Whining, And Moaning That GOP Won’t Work With Him

RUSH: Now, I want to go back, if I may, to this impeachment business and this granting of blanket amnesty to five or six million illegals currently living in the shadows, because I think there’s a key point here.  What is the president doing?  The president is running around bellyaching, whining, and moaning that the Republicans won’t work with him, saying such things as (imitating Obama), “Come on, man, you know what, just stop the hating, you know, just stop the hate and stop being so mad all the time. Stop being so mad. Work with me on this. Help me do this.”

And of course the Republicans don’t want any of this to happen, so they’re not helping.  And Obama can’t get the Congress to go along with what he wants to do so he runs around and says, “Well, you know what, if they won’t act, I will.”  And he says, “I’m not gonna sit here and not do something just ’cause they won’t.” 

He tries to make all these low-information people think, “Well, you know, what a great guy, what a great guy.  These buffoons in Congress that simply won’t do anything, he’s gonna do it anyway.”  Well, let’s not forget something.  This president had control of both houses of Congress for two years, and he did not even put forth an immigration bill.  In fact, during the two years that Obama had total control of the legislative branch, when he went out and made public appearances and people said, “Why don’t you just grant amnesty, why don’t you just do?” 

“I can’t.  The Constitution, I can’t do that. The Constitution doesn’t give me that power.”  Remember that?  He would tell people.  He went to the United Nations.  (imitating Obama) “You ask why don’t we just put the guy that did the video that caused Benghazi in jail? Because of our laws. I just can’t put people in jail.”  Even though he had.  So this guy hides behind the Constitution whenever he finds it convenient.  Now, folks, this is crucial, important.  For two years he had control of both houses of Congress and he did not move an immigration bill.  And during those two years he was complaining that he was constrained by the Constitution.

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