LIMBAUGH: Obama Has Successfully Recruited, Corrupted, Or Hijacked Pope Francis

RUSH: We have as the president of the United States one of the most radical leftists that’s even ever run for office.  Certainly the most radical, extreme leftist ever to be president.  But if people are not told that, they’re not going to believe it.

Nobody wants to believe such things about the president.  Nobody wants to believe such things about other powerful figures like popes and other revered leaders.  If you look at what Obama has done, capitalizing on the squishiness of the GOP, in the last seven years Barack Obama has successfully recruited or corrupted or hijacked, however you want to describe it, John Roberts of the Supreme Court; John Boehner, Speaker of the House; Mitch McConnell, Republican leader in the Senate; and some might even say the pope.

Well, you’re saying “Well so what, Rush?  None of that’s a surprise.”  Right.  But for people who don’t follow politics and they see people like the pope sidling up to and having fun with and supporting Obama, and see a Supreme Court justice going out of his way to be supportive of Obama and then the two Republican leaders, do you realize how impossible it will be to portray Obama as he is, an extreme radical?  You realize how difficult that is to explain to people when all these other people seem to have been recruited by him and are helping him?

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