LIMBAUGH: Obama Has Succeeded On All Fronts In His Project To Transform The Country

RUSH:  Now, what do you think of that?  Is that how you view Obama?  You know, people on the left are mad at him.  They think he’s blown all this in many regards.  Now, of course you and I don’t see it this way at all.  I don’t see Obama as somebody who thinks he’s defeated.  I think Obama privately can’t believe how much success he’s had, ’cause I think Obama privately can’t believe how little opposition he’s had.  I mean, look at what he’s done.  He has nationalized one-sixth of the US economy.  Who cares if it’s bollixed up right now.  He doesn’t care about that.  He pulled it off.  It doesn’t matter.  Whether it works or not, he pulled it off.

This quote that he says to his staff, “We run the biggest organization, most powerful organization in the world.”  What president looks at the United States government that way?  “We run the most powerful organization in the world.” And then “speaks as if he’s a man caught in the maws of a larger machine, and he is not able to make a difference.”  I think Obama’s frustrated that he has to deal with the Constitution, and I think that ticks him off.  But the idea that Obama’s running around feeling defeated, I think it’s just the opposite.  I think Obama has succeeded to some degree or another on all fronts in his project to transform the country.

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