Limbaugh: Obama Gets Cold Feet On Sequester

RUSH: He’s getting cold feet out there. They tried to get the Republicans to cave. They did everything they could to get the Republicans to cave and go along with raising taxes and making some kind of deal. Now the sequester is gonna hit and guess what? The president has to go out there and say (summarized), “You’re not gonna even notice it the first month. It’s gonna happen and it’s gonna really kill economy, but you’re not gonna notice the first week, first two weeks, first three weeks, first month.

“A lot of people may not notice the full impact.” They may not even notice? There was no need to release the illegal alien prisoners? By the way, we find that that decision was made last week, folks, and they found a fall guy for that who is retiring. He’s not resigning. They found a fall guy. So how about this? How about this, “It’s no big deal. Nobody’s gonna even notice it for the first month”? You’re not gonna notice it at all, is the bottom line. The Republicans, for whatever reason, held firm. They didn’t buckle.

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