Limbaugh: “Obama Denies Everything You Know To Be Factual” On Benghazi

RUSH: In Cairo, we knew some protests were coming, so this apology is issued before anything happens. The State Department said, in a way, “Maybe if we apologize in chance they’ll not attack. They’ll not protest.” I mean, that’s the polluted, converted, perverted thinking — and they did mention the video. Now, everything flows from that. They first tried to say that Benghazi was the result of a protest in Cairo. None of that was true.

My point is, you’re gonna hear the president deny everything you know in these next three sound bites. He’s going to deny everything you know to be factual — Stephen Hayes, the Weekly Standard; Jonathan Karl, ABC — the 12 edits of the talking points Susan Rice sent out there. We know what she says was not true. You’re gonna hear him deny it all. So the question is on both the IRS and the Benghazi.

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