LIMBAUGH: Obama Complaining About Me Is ‘No Big Deal’

RUSH: Now, Mr. Snerdley just said to me during the break, he said, “You’re losing touch.” 

I said, “What do you mean?” 

He said, “Well, this is no big deal to you.  You’ve had presidents calling you out ever since you’ve been doing this show.  You’ve had presidents and presidential candidates calling you out, and you’re used to it.  Isn’t any big deal to you.”  But he said, “To the average American, the president calling out a single individual citizen isn’t done unless that citizen happens to be an elected member of the opposition party.  This just isn’t done.  But it’s happened to you so often, you just take it for granted, it isn’t any big deal, you just mention it and you go on.”  And he said, “There’s a reason you’re in that top 10 most influential poll.  It’s exactly because of stuff like this.”

And he’s right, I have to admit.  It isn’t any big deal anymore when I see what I saw today in the New Yorker.  It isn’t.




LIMBAUGH: Obama Complaining About Me Is ‘No Big Deal’

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