Limbaugh: Obama Believes “If Iran Wants Nukes, It’s None Of Our Business To Tell ‘Em They Can’t Have Any.”

RUSH: Remember, Obama’s a social justice guy, and the social justice people believe this country has benefited unfairly from an exercise and projection of power that has been mean and unfair to other smaller nations in the world. So, to me, it is entirely believable that Obama would believe in his heart that, “Hey, if the Iranians want nukes, it’s none of our business to tell ’em they can’t have any.” Now, publicly Obama made it sound like he doesn’t want ’em to have nukes. He’d never say this publicly, but he has. He’s intimated it at least. That’s how I know it. I also know it ’cause he’s a liberal. I also know it ’cause he’s actually a radical. Reverend Wright, that whole crowd, I’m telling you, they all think alike, and they would all be offended at the notion that the United States somehow should have the right, authority, ability, to tell any nation they can or can’t have anything, such as nukes. That would offend them. It does offend them.

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