LIMBAUGH: NY Times Is COMPLICIT With Obama In Attempted SABOTAGE Of Trump Presidency

RUSH: The Obama administration and its holdovers in the deep state tried to sabotage the duly elected president of the United States. That is the story! That is what is happening! And it’s happening right in front of our eyes. It’s not even a secret. We see the results of it every day in the New York Times, which I believe is complicit with Obama and the Democrats in this attempted sabotage. I have no doubt. A special prosecutor, everybody is clamoring for? To investigate what?

What is there to investigate? Allegations? Seriousness of the charge? They’re trying to isolate Trump from the people he trusts. They’re trying to isolate Trump from the best people around him because they believe that Trump, without intelligence and guidance nearby, will fumble and stumble on his own because he doesn’t have a brain. He doesn’t have political instincts, and he doesn’t know what’s going on. Now, we’re told that Barack Obama was a huge statesman. “Oh, yeah, we so miss the statesman-like composure and stature of Barack Obama!”

Let me ask you this off the New York Times story. I’m assuming you all have heard all about all this now, and I don’t need to waste time setting the table with what happened, although as I… (interruption) Know what? (interruption) Okay, well, then I’ll circle back to it, but I don’t want to waste a lot time reporting things that people already know, because that just accepts the premise, too. “Hey, man, look what’s in the New York Times.” What’s in the New York Times and what’s in the Washington Post are just the latest attempts to sabotage and undermine the Trump presidency, and it had better be fought back on that basis.

It had better be dealt with on that basis, not that Jeff Sessions did something wrong. Not that there is an impeachable offense here. There isn’t any evidence, and they have been investigating this for over a year and a half. Hang on on that. I just want to make one point here. Because here we have the New York Times and the statesman-like aura of Barack Obama, and, “Oh, how we miss it! Oh, jeez, we long for it so much to return.” If Obama has known about all of this for all of this time, why wait until now?



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