Limbaugh NOT AT ALL SHOCKED By Comey’s Decision To Not Pursue Case Against Hillary

RUSH: Anyway, in the last hour, Comey makes his announcement, and I asked people:  How are you going to feel — I just want you to think about something — how are you going to feel if next Wednesday or Thursday Comey comes out and says, “Hey, there’s nothing new here. We didn’t find anything.  How are you going to feel?  You’re going to feel let down, because you think, my goodness, there’s no way he would reopen this if there wasn’t something serious.”

How many people said that?  There’s no way Comey would do this.  He’s not going to stick his neck out like that.  He would no way announce this unless there really was something of a bombshell nature.  Everybody thought that.  And I, El Rushbo, asked you to pause and ponder how you would feel if in the middle of the next week, say Wednesday or Thursday, that would be last week, that Comey came out and said, “Hey, we looked at it.  There’s nothing here.”

Well, that happened yesterday.  So I’ve got all these people sending me e-mails last night and messages.  “Man, oh man, did you call it.  Wow.”  Folks, I don’t know if I called it.  It was the cynical view that I always played it out to be.  But I wasn’t surprised, I’ll just tell you this.  (interruption) I know, this is the only place that that possibility was explored.

This is the only place in media where that view, that quasi prediction was even addressed.  Everybody else bought it hook line and sinker.  Well, I say everybody else.  There could be some stragglers out there.  We can’t know what everybody out there says about things, Mr. Snerdley.  But this clearly was the origination of that line of thinking.  And, boy, I was taking my share of heat for it as though I had descended into the tinfoil hat club.  And now it’s happened.  And how did you feel when you found out about it yesterday?

Were you shocked?  I wasn’t shocked.  I was surprised by the timing.  I thought once we got past Wednesday or Thursday that such an announcement wasn’t going to be made.  I was not shocked that it happened, not at all.  I’m being honest with you.  I’m not surprised.



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