RUSH: James Rosen at Fox reported yesterday that just groundbreaking news was going to reveal itself today from the NSA that would indicate Trump and his people were, in fact, surveilled. I got the impression that there’s a whistleblower at the NSA or at least somebody who’s made the evidence available.

I, frankly, think we’ve already got the evidence and it’s been published in the New York Times and Washington Post. I don’t… I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Obama administration was surveilling the Trump campaign and then the Trump transition. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. The proof is the fact that the fruits of that surveillance has been published for months in the New York Times and the Washington Post! We know that it was happening. What we don’t know is was it direct surveillance or was it incidental? I’ve told you what I think it is.

I think the Obama administration was purposely and legally surveilling people like the Russian ambassador and other foreign actors. But when I read that Obama signed an order allowing our intelligence agencies to share everything they were learning with 16 additional intelligence agencies in other countries, I said, “Whoa.” And this was in November-December, after the election. I said, “What is this?” And then Flynn is unmasked. He was not targeted, but yet they got rid of him.

So what I think has been going on is that the Obama administration has been surveilling these foreign actors, picking up those foreign actors’ conversations with Americans, Trump people as well, and I think they’ve been unmasking them. I think that’s what they’ve been leaking to the media. And I think they have been violating the law. You’re not supposed to reveal the names of Americans who your foreign targets are caught talking to.



RUSH: The ‘REAL CRIME’ Has Occurred In The Obama Intel Agencies

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