LIMBAUGH: NFL Anthem Protests Are What It Looks Like When The CANCER Of Liberalism Infects And Corrupts An Institution

RUSH: The Steelers… I said yesterday that Coach Tomlin… I knew exactly what he was doing by trying to keep that team off the field. He wanted them to avoid having to make the choice in public, to either kneel or stand. He wanted to avoid the politics of it. Admirable.

He wanted to not be part of it. He didn’t want his players thrust into it. But he found out, didn’t he? It doesn’t work that way because the left will not let you avoid it. Alejandro Villanueva went to Ben Roethlisberger and said, “Could I stand with the captains as we go out? Could I be at the front in the tunnel so that I can be seen?” He wanted to do the thing that’s right when the anthem was playing. Captains of the teams lead the teams out. Alejandro Villanueva is not a captain. He asked Roethlisberger, the quarterback, “Could I stand with you guys?”

He said, “Yeah, of course.”

Well, Villanueva happened to be a little too far out in the tunnel while the rest of the team was invisibly just behind him in the tunnel. He was exposed. He’s now apologizing for letting his coach down. He’s now apologizing for letting his teammates down. He’s the guy that did the right thing, and he’s apologizing for letting his brothers down, his teammates. We hear these guys talk about, “We’re in this! You know, we’re brothers; we got each other’s backs.” They didn’t have Alejandro Villanueva’s back Sunday. Now he feels bad that he didn’t have theirs. This is not what all of this is supposed to be.

This is exactly what it looks like when the disease, the cancer of liberalism infects and corrupts an institution.



LIMBAUGH: NFL Anthem Protest Isn’t About UNITY



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