Limbaugh: New York Times Employees Fit to Be Tied Over Little Pinch’s Pension Changes

Rush: And what happens is, if they’re forced to make the payments and keep, they’ll go bankrupt and out of business.  So accommodations have to be made.  The New York Times is having the same thing happen to it, the same exact thing.  They cannot maintain their current defined benefit plan.  Now, these are reporters! These are news people!  They see this happening all over the world.  They see it happening all over the country.  Many of them are reporting on it. Now when it happens to them, they are demanding an exemption.  And it’s funny because the New York Times runs around and rips Scott Walker. The New York Times management and editorial rips Scott Walker and rip any company that tries to renegotiate these deals to stay in business and stay solvent.  They rip ’em to shreds. Yet here comes that Little Pinch doing the same thing his paper is ripping everybody else for.  So there’s hypocrisy, there’s entitlement. It is delightful to behold this, in a… Well, it’s not delightful, but it’s as instructive as it can be.

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