Limbaugh: My Invitation To Obama Was Serious

RUSH:  So I just want to remind everybody that my invitation was serious.  I’m the opposition.  I’ve been named as the opposition.  Obama is telling people closest to him, he’s telling people that give him money.  Those are the people you tell the truth to.  Union people, he told them what his real plans for single payer health care were, for example.  The people that give him money expect results. 

He’s telling them, “Okay, yeah, I got a problem with Rush Limbaugh.  Republicans won’t work with me. I’ve got a gridlock problem ’cause of Limbaugh.”  Now, they’re Hollywood people, he knows they’re influential. He’s sending them a message, maybe other people, but I just want to say, I’m willing to meet with the president any time to advise him, to help him.  My mother said, as I said yesterday, “Talk these things out, son.  That’s the way you solve these things, talk it out.”

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Rush Limbaugh Offers To Meet With Obama To ‘Hash This Out’

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