LIMBAUGH: Most Trump Supporters Appreciate The Fact That Trump Jr. Was Trying To Get Dirt On Hillary

RUSH: I’m gonna tell you, based on the feedback I’m getting, most Trump supporters are appreciative of the fact that Donald Jr. was trying to get dirt on Hillary. A lot of people think there’s all kinds of dirt on the Clintons to be had and that it should be used! You know, this investigation stuff is a one-way street! They don’t have a single thing on Donald Trump and collusion. And they don’t have a single thing yet on Donald Trump obstruction.

And yet with Hillary, all of those things are likely, with her foundation, with her email server, trafficking in classified data. And she was investigated and exonerated because they couldn’t find any intent. And now we find out the honey pot was allowed to come into the country and overstay her visa by six months. I’m just telling you, the way this is shaping up for a lot of people is they think Donald Trump Jr. is right on the money to accept dirt on Hillary.

What are political campaigns about? And there is no statutory crime. There’s no way Donald Trump’s gonna be impeached over this.


RUSH: I’m just telling you that there are a lot of people that don’t think Donald Trump Jr. did anything but they would have done. “You got dirt on Hillary? Give it to me.” I’m just telling you, Trump is not going to be impeached over this. He can’t be. What everybody wants to happen is Trump to be paralyzed by this. I mean, I know Brad Sherman introduced articles of impeachment, but it doesn’t have a prayer. Impeachment, by the way, is not a criminal thing.

Trump is not guilty of violating any statutes. I’m not saying that’s not impeachable, but that’s such a long shot. Standard, ordinary, everyday impeachment is a political act. That’s why high crimes and misdemeanors are stated and not straight felonies, statutory crimes and felonies, ’cause they’re two different things.

We’re talking about statutory felony, criminal law, and political. And impeachment’s always an act of politics. And if the public will is not there for it, it’s not gonna go anywhere no matter what the president’s guilty of, look at Bill Clinton, just never gonna happen. And Trump is not gonna be impeached over this. They’re gonna try to paralyze him. They’re gonna try to stop him dead in his tracks from getting anything done. And they’re failing at even that.


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