LIMBAUGH: MILLIONS Of People Are FED UP With The ‘Daily Diet Of Drivel’ From The Drive-By Media

RUSH: One of the things, one of the personality characteristics, from the moment I have begun hosting this program, people would call here and they’d see something on television, an example of media bias, and they would call here compelled to point it out. Because they thought they were the only ones who noticed it, and they were not. Millions of people noticed it. You just never heard from ’em because the media never covered them or focused on ’em.

Same thing here. There are millions of people fed up with this daily diet of drivel from the Drive-By Media. But the media thinks everybody in America is waiting with bated breath for Trump to be convicted. They’re totally, totally out of touch. The disconnect between everything going on in Washington and the real country has never been wider.


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