LIMBAUGH: Media Trying To ‘WATERGATE’ Trump

RUSH: And what’s becoming clear is that the media is incapable, folks, of changing.  They’re not even able to practice deceit.  They only know one way of destroying Republicans, and they’re engaging in it again here.  And that’s why I’m not speaking lightly when I say they’re trying to Watergate Trump.

You got Bernstein involved, you got Woodward involved, you got both newspapers: The Washington Post, the New York Times. Trump’s not even in office yet and Bernstein out there saying that Trump is worse than Nixon!  And the Russians hacking the election?  It wasn’t that long ago the Democrat Party loved the Russians!  The Democrat Party loved the Soviet Union!  I’m gonna remind you.  We were the first to, quote/unquote, “break the story” years ago of Ted Kennedy working with the Soviets to undermine Ronald Reagan in an election.

The Democrat Party and the Soviet communists, the Russians or whatever, they have been blood brothers, and they were as recently as… Don’t forget Obama telling Dmitry Medvedev, “You tell Vlad…” This is the fall of 2012. “You tell Vlad be patient. I’ll have a lot more flexibility after I beat Romney and win reelection.”  He’s talking about getting rid of our nuclear weapons arsenal! This is the regime that’s been in bed with Putin.  This is the regime! Hillary Clinton with that cheap plastic red reset button?


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