LIMBAUGH: Media Now Covering Their ASSets On ObamaCare

RUSH:  Folks, as I was perusing the news doing show prep today, it was really striking to note how many stories, how many articles that are out there this morning that detail all of the problems in Obamacare.  It’s nothing you don’t know.  You’ve heard it all.  We have gone to great lengths since the beginning days of this. You know all the details.  But what’s fascinating to me as I went through show prep today is how many articles are out this morning with new and troubling details about Obamacare.

That, to me, shows that the Drive-By Media now think Obamacare is totally safe from being repealed or defunded and now it’s time, for whatever journalistic reasons, to get all of the truth, the details, the news about Obamacare out there.  Now, as I say, most of the news is information that the regular daily listener of this show has known about for more than three years, but the media has never reported it. 

You know, all of these details, all of the waivers, all of the exemptions, all the fines. The hard numbers, all of these things have never been in the Drive-By Media, but it’s starting to show up.  All of a sudden we’re now being told about it so that when people start seeing Obamacare up close and personal starting next week, the Drive-Bys can say, “Well, we reported that.”  The news media are now covering their assets, if you will, and they’re doing it as late as possible.

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