LIMBAUGH: Media Must Transfer The Anger Over VA Scandal To Being The Fault Of George W. Bush

RUSH:  Now, the CNN guy can’t believe what he’s hearing.  He can’t believe this.  It doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t compute.  Now, somehow they have got to get from this to it being Bush’s fault, see.  Because this guy, Drew Griffin, this is the normal reaction to have.  We’re six years into the Obama administration.  We’re still in Afghanistan because of Obama.  He’s got his drawdown, but he’s not pulled everybody out yet.  We’re still there.  Gitmo is still open, and we’re still capturing bad guys around the planet.  And so this guy learns about all these delays, people not being treated and worse, and he can’t believe it.  That’s the normal reaction.  And this follows — you’ll have to remember, we had a sound bite from the same reporter yesterday who couldn’t believe that Obama would go out yesterday and act like he didn’t know about any of this.  So then after this little exchange, Anderson Cooper weighed in with his two cents.

COOPER:  I mean, it’s really incredible. I mean, you know, we all hear about delays and stuff, but, I mean, somebody who’s recently returned with a war injury, with an IED injury, lost a limb, severe PTSD is told to wait 10 months, I mean, that’s insane.

RUSH:  Yeah, it’s insane.  Now, what they’re going to have to do is transfer this incredulity and anger to it being the fault of George W. Bush.  ‘Cause right now the normal reaction — this is six years we’re into the Obama administration.  We’re in the second term.  How can Shinseki or Obama or whoever allow this to happen?  That’s the normal reaction.  So let’s re-listen to Pelosi from earlier today as she sets the stage for how all of this at the VA is gonna end up being blamed on George Bush.

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