LIMBAUGH: Media Have Encouraged White House To Be Uncooperative

RUSH: They have said the reason is that their sources are afraid (these would be Regime sources) of being prosecuted if they’re discovered, and the reporters are afraid of being prosecuted, a la Snowden.  So this Regime has effectively intimidated the media into no coverage.  So when Dylan Byers says, “Why don’t you tell us what…?” Ba ba ba.  You guys pretty much encourage this, I think, if I may be so bold.  And I like Dylan Byers.  I like his work.  But I think the media set themselves up for this.

From the campaign forward, they encouraged the Regime in this behavior of theirs of media manipulation.  They played along with it.  They haven’t investigated this administration. They’re not even curious.  Whatever the Regime says, they report.  If anybody criticizes the Regime, the media turns on them.  I think it’s entirely understandable that the Regime would think they’ve got you in the palm of their hand, and they don’t have to take you along. 

And they don’t have to give you a name associated with a formulaic, generic quote, ’cause they know you’re not gonna turn on ’em.  Obama, Michelle, Jay Carney, take your pick. They know you’re not gonna turn on ’em.  Not the way you turned on Nixon.  Not the way you turned on Bush.  Not the way you turned on Reagan.  Not the way you turn on Boehner.  They know you guys are not gonna do that to them.  So you’ve made your bed, I think.  I mean, you’ve encouraged the White House to be uncooperative.

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