LIMBAUGH: Many In The Conservative Movement Think I Have SOLD OUT

RUSH: Carl in Leona Valley, California. I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing fine, Rush. Thank you so much for sharing your mic with a rank amateur.

RUSH: (laughing) Appreciate that. That’s a nice compliment.

CALLER: Listen, thanks to the advent of the podcast and the iPod I’ve listened to you for probably seven years now, and I listened to every word. There’s no interruptions, I can always back you up. I just love this thing strapped to my belt buckle. And I can play your whole show. But I don’t recall anybody calling in and talking to you about — well, I guess what I’m thinking is so many people refer to you as being on the right, way right, you know, or extreme right. And I’ve given that thought, and I know the left is almost all the rest of the media. I don’t know anybody that’s on the right. I wouldn’t know where to begin. To me, you’re the guy in the middle.

RUSH: You know, I have to tell you something here, Carl. I haven’t said this a lot, but over the course of the many years of this program I have on occasion said that the truth of the matter is that this program is actually — and the people that listen to it — is actually the mainstream of America. They try to marginalize you and me by categorizing us as the so-called extreme right or the far right or right wing, which is done to denigrate anybody who’s not liberal. They always tar them.

The new one is alt-right. And the alt-right is everything a conservative is plus he’s a white supremacist. And so that’s Steve Bannon and the Breitbart people, those are alt-right conservatives. And of course that’s BS as well. The left makes up these labels. They assign people falsely to these labels. But this is actually a very shrewd observation of yours. I’m not denying, I’m conservative. But do you realize there are many, Carl, in the so-called conservative movement who think now that I have sold out and betrayed conservatism because I did not help to try to destroy Trump during the primaries?

CALLER: Oh, no. No.

RUSH: The measure of a real conservative, according to them, is somebody who would have seen that the Trump poses the greatest threat to conservatism ever and a real conservative would have joined the effort to take him out. Since I didn’t, I am now viewed as a —

CALLER: Well, maybe they need to do like you and start writing some history books, because I think when you look at it from a viewpoint of, what are we gonna see 20, 30 years from now when we look back at Obama and some of these nutcases, it just gives you a whole better perspective. And I think that’s where you come from. You always see a bigger picture than the current little windstorm that’s going on.

RUSH: Thank you. I’m ideological. I’m not gonna deny that. But how does it manifest itself? You know, I have very subtly had a name change at my think tank. It used to be the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. But then other conservatives excommunicated me from conservatism and I no longer qualify. So I changed the name of my think tank to the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist Studies.


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