LIMBAUGH: Listen To ‘Oprah Vs Trump 2020’… It’s No Contest!

RUSH: Let’s just listen.

ANNOUNCER: It’s time for another O in the White House. Oprah’s not only a global media superstar, but also the heaviest health spokesman Since George Foreman to tell us how to eat.

OPRAH: On my plan you can eat anything!

ANNOUNCER: She’s the perfect choice as the Democratic nominee, with even greater skill than Obama at giving away stuff to build her base.

OPRAH: Everyone gets a new car!

ANNOUNCER: Imagine, Dr. Oz in charge of America’s health.

DR. OZ: We just rub some Jamba Juice on it and your cancer is cured.

ANNOUNCER: Dr. Phil as secretary of state.

DR. PHIL: Kim buddy, you just never had any kind of boundaries growing up. Isn’t that right?

Kim Jong-un: Oh, yes. (crying) Yes.

ANNOUNCER: Yes. Oprah will tell you what books to read and what ointments to use to reduce the bags under your eyes, as you watch her all day, every day for eight long years. And as a close friend of Harvey Weinstein, she —

OPRAH: Johnny gets a new car!

ANNOUNCER: — uh, can win! Oprah v. Trump 2020. It’s no contest.

RUSH: Can’t remind them about the Harvey Weinstein relationship.


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