Limbaugh Lifts Ban On MSNBC To Rip Reince Priebus

RUSH:  Why would they do that?  What in the world explains it?  You know what I just learned, ladies and gentlemen?  Congressman Ryan, the chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus and the RNC communications director, Sean Spicer, they are all appearing on MSNBC to talk up immigration reform.  Republican National Committee Chairman Priebus and his communications director and Paul Ryan are appearing on MSNBC to talk up immigration reform. 

Why would they do that?  Nobody watches MSNBC.  I mean, why would they go to a network, the viewers of which are already committed to amnesty?  Well, now, you might say, well, they’re going there to be liked and understood and appreciated, loved, whatever, by liberal Democrats who are predestined to hate them.  They could be trying to show that they’re human and not aliens and that they’re nice guys and that they’re on the same page as the Democrats that viewers of MSNBC support.

There’s also a-little known fact, and that is that this program — actually, I don’t think it’s that little known.  I think it’s actually widely known — that I, your host and this program, have instituted long ago a ban on any sound bites from MSNBC.  And so, you know, I don’t like to think of myself in any news story, I don’t like to think I am a factor, play a role in it.  I really, really don’t, but could it well be that they think they’re safe going on MSNBC because I have a ban?


RUSH: Now, Reince — sorry, Reince — Priebus, by the way, appeared on MSNBC yesterday and then promptly issued his own ban.  He suggested that no Republican go on MSNBC because they issued tweet making fun of Republicans ’cause Cheerios has a biracial Super Bowl commercial, a biracial family eating Cheerios. 

MSNBC tweeted that the conservatives wouldn’t like that, they’d be really bothered by it, and Reince Priebus says, “Okay, we’re not going on MSNBC anymore.”  MSNBC pulled back the tweet but Reince Priebus’ ban is still in effect. He’s got his own ban, and I am lifting my ban to play these guys on MSNBC.  So it’s a temporary lifting of the ban.  Don’t get used to this. (Now, you’ll note, you’re not hearing any MSNBC people in these bites.)

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