LIMBAUGH: Let’s BAN ‘Gone With The Wind’

UPDATE: RUSH WAS RIGHT! Memphis Theater Cancels Showing Of ‘Gone With The Wind’

RUSH: I’ll tell you what else let’s do. Let’s not stop at Robert E. Lee statues. Let’s ban Gone With the Wind. Let’s ban the book, and let’s make sure the movie can no longer be purchased, rented, or exhibited anywhere. We will get rid of not just Robert E. Lee. We’ll tear down anything that tells anybody where Gettysburg is and what happened there. (interruption) Well, now wait. No, Gettysburg will stand.

Gettysburg will stand ’cause that’s where they had their lunch handed to them, so Gettysburg will stand. But we’ll go all the way back to Lincoln. We’ll take Lincoln’s name off of Mount Rushmore and we’ll put Trump up there. (I’m only kidding.) But, I mean, let’s do this. Let’s get rid of all of these outdoor signs of the nation’s injustice and unfairness. Get rid of everything so that American slavery is never known to have existed in any way. All monuments, all battlefields, all reenactments will be erased. (interruption) Oh, yes. (interruption) Well, nope, nope, nope. (interruption)

No. No, we’ll get to the Native Americans, ’cause we… (interruption) No, no, no. Don’t get ahead of me here. The Native Americans are not in the protest here. The Native Americans are not on the march here. When they get in gear, then, yeah, we’ll deal with them. But what we will do, is we will get rid of every outward sign of American evil, as defined by the left. I mean, if there is a restaurant with a Confederate flag logo, we close it.

We shut down any restaurant that serves chicken fried steak, that serves biscuits and gravy. I mean, anything that can be traced back to that evil heritage of the Confederacy. Get rid of all of it! That would make everybody shut up, right? That would just silence everybody about the inherent evil of the United States related to slavery. Make it disappear, and then everything would be okay, right? (sarcastic laugh) Ha-ha-ha-ha. I hope you get the point here.


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