LIMBAUGH: Let Israel Win

RUSH:  Let me read to you just a brief excerpt from a piece on all this today in National Review Online by my friend Andy McCarthy.  He writes that “right now, there is a tremendous opportunity to demolish Hamas.” That would be a good thing.  It would be a good thing for everybody.  These are jihadists. These are people that strap bombs on their babies and send ’em into public bus stations and blow themselves up. 

“Doing so is the only chance of breaking the Palestinian jihadist will…” We want to stop this, don’t we?  We all claim to want to end terrorism.  We want to end it as much as we can.  There are three things the Palestinians need to concede if there is to be “peace,” quote/unquote “peace.”  They must “accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state,” which they do not.

They must “renounce terrorism,” they call it “resistance,” and they must “abandon the [silly] ‘right of return’ demand.” That’s the definition of peace.  If you can come up with a speech or set-of-talks or negotiations to convince Hamas to do that, then have at it.  Ostensibly it’s what Kerry and Obama are trying to do, although I don’t think they are.  I think they look at those demands as excessive and unrealistic. 

It is Israel that must concede. It is Israel that must give up more land. It is Israel that must back off. It’s Israel that must stop killing civilians. It’s Israel that must stop provoking.  But if you really want peace, this is what the Palestinian concessions must be.  If you want a two-state solution, which is what everybody claims they want, there’s only one way to get it.  There’s only one way to get a two-state solution — and that is the jihad has to be defeated, like happens in any war.  

The bad guys have to lose!

So get out of the way; let Israel win.  Why do we have to keep reminding people that that means siding with our ally?  That is such an embarrassing thing for this administration to admit, that Israel’s an ally and side with them? “No, no, no.  We can’t do that!”  The worst thing that could happen right now is what John Kerry is seeking, and that’s a ceasefire, ’cause ceasefires, that’s peace to Hamas.

That’s when they regroup.

That’s when they rearm.

That’s when they form new plans.

Before Israel has destroyed the chance for all of that to happen. 

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