Limbaugh: Left Attempting To Advance Their Political Agenda

RUSH: The other part of the agenda that was being advanced was, of course, gun control. And there was glee, there was excitement at the opportunity that was presented here. And I firmly believe that this is why so much of the initial reporting is wrong, is because it’s all the result of a tainted universe in which these people live in the first place. The things that they believe are wrong. The things that guide them are incorrect. About us, at least. And so they start looking for evidence to prove what they feel, because what they are constantly doing is attempting to advance their political agenda. And that is what’s going on with this now.

So any attempt to report factually about it or to try to put it in any kind of perspective is going to be met with complete derision, criticism, mocking, and what have you. When in fact the real sickness in this can be found in the left-wing media. Mark “Maxi” Shields, what did he say? Mark Shields said that it is easier to get an assault rifle than it is to rent a car. Now, that’s not true. It simply isn’t true, but that kind of stuff is out there left and right, and, of course, your average low-information voter hears this, and starts thinking, “Wow, what a rotten country. What a rotten place, a horrible place.” It’s just the sheer volume of incorrect data that is passed on.

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